So, here is my turn now to THANK all of you! Where shall I start..thank you so so so so much for being incredible in every single way. I realised during this year that it’s not just about blogs, it’s almost about people. You are all amazing and made this “experience” cool and fun and AWESOME! I wish you the best Christmas ever and may 2013 be an amazing year for all of you. Thank you for following me and continuing doing so even though I’m one of the most stupid, dumb, idiot person here ahaha! With some of you I talk daily, some of you never talked, some of you just followed…so you might find this a bit awkward..but it’s not about “how much time” because you know, you can have the best friendship even though you know someone for a couple of days or weeks…so here it is!

A VERY SPECIAL thank you to my tinychat lovers: Maggie, Tali, Julia, Leticia, Sarah, Fanny, Luiza, Malin. And Camis, Ana, Flavia, Bruna, Katie, Maria. My days wouldn’t have been the same without you guys.

And now because I’m nice and awesome, rather than write “blogroll” I decided to write all of you down! (YES, I follow all these people :P)


Mara xxxx

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